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Proximate and Ultimate Causes of Cooperation


Suggested Book: The evolution of Parental Care

The Evolution of Parental Care
Edited by Nick J. Royle, Per T. Smiseth, and Mathias Kölliker

Order book at Oxford Univ. Press

Genetic Diversity Center Zürich

Shared facility for generation and analysis of molecular data.


Welcome to the ProDoc program on “Proximate and Ultimate causes of Cooperation”.  ProDocs are PhD programs funded by SNF joining different research groups working on a common theme, here on the evolution of cooperation.

The program creates a Swiss-wide network of researchers who work on the evolution of cooperation. In Switzerland, several leading groups study cooperation using different experimental systems and theoretical approaches. The network supported by the ProDoc facilitates interactions between these groups.

The program organizes and coordinate courses, workshops and seminars for PhD students.

The program "Proximate and Ultimate Causes of Cooperation" is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.